5th Semester

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Course Outline
This course will expose students to several stages of architectural document development through Building Information Modelling (BIM). The course will build an introductory knowledge of BIM and will teach students how to create drawings in a professional setting. Topics will cover a brief introduction of BIM in architecture, family browsing, modelling, drafting, and using BIM in the production of drawings during the different project phases.

ARCH 502 Steel Structures Design
Course Outline
Steel structures represent a major portion of the construction industry. This course provides the students with the basic knowledge about the choice of the appropriate structural system, design of structural elements under various straining actions, design of beams, design of beam-columns and design of all the structural connections. Introduction of the ASD and LRFD design philosophies is also covered by the course.

ARCH 503 Theory of Architecture II
Course Outline
The course introduces different types of design methods and building typologies. It covers a wide range of issues related to the formulation and analysis of architectural design program and brief, as well as the synthesis of the design concept and methods of evaluation and design development. The course aims at enhancing the students’ analytical abilities while developing design concepts and selecting suitable approaches for solving architectural problems. The course presents different techniques in generating creative ideas in architectural design.

ARCH 504 Building Technology IV
Course Outline
A complex design project plays a major part in this course, requiring creative use of the principles and information given in previous building technology courses to solve a particular problem, relating to energy consumption, lighting, acoustics and technical installations. The students will be asked to propose and assess innovative building designs, technologies and operating schemes that will yield a building of sustainable design, comfortable indoor climate and dequate use of contemporary building materials, elements and technologies.

ARCH 505 Design Studio III
Course Outline
This studio requires students to design a project that integrates different disciplines: urban design, building physics and building construction. The assigned project, which is developed in teams, requires students to consider issues of environmental responsibility and building construction at a higher level of complexity than previously encountered and in a more comprehensive manner (library, museum or any public building of similar scale).