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3X3 Light, Design and Color

In Academic, Tuesday, March 21, 2023


3x3 – Three experts George Michael (Light), Nedal Badr (Design) and Mohamad Baitie (Color), gave a talk on their three interrelated areas of expertise and how these areas work together to create the BUILT ENVIRONMENT we live, work, and play in.

George Michael, studied lighting design at the university in Wismar, Germany and is an owner/director of an important lighting fixture and technology suppliers in Cairo. Nedal Badr is a qualified architect and is now working in the field of lighting design. Mohamad Baitie, originally an Interior designer, now responsible for “Product Research and Development in Color” for GLC Paints, the largest paint manufacturers in Egypt. 

The event, on the 21.03.23, gave over 80 students from the architecture program (Elective-Lighting design and Bachelor students) plus students from the Applied arts program, insight as to how LIGHT and COLOR can be used to create exciting human responsive SPACES.

The three experts Mohamad Baitie, George Michael and Nedal Badr have worked with each other in the past, making the talks a rich blend of experience, creativity, and professional friendship. 

The event organized by Prof. Ruairí O’Brien, who originally planned the event for his Lighting design elective and his Bachelor on Contemporary Architecture in Historic Environments, proved to be so successful that it was visited by many other students from other courses and departments. 

Prof. O’Brien was so pleased with the event that he hopes to be able to establish the series 3X3 as a fixed event in the academic calendar in future semesters.