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Modern Intelligence within the Vernacular – Contemporary Architecture Debate with Renowned Prof. Ahmad Hamid at the GUC

In Academic, Monday, May 22, 2023


Professor Architect Ahmad Hamid, renowned for his excellent book on Hassan Fathy was invited to give a talk on the 20.03.23, in Associate Professor Ruairí O’Brien’s Bachelor Studio, presently tackling the difficult topic of building NEW in OLD Cairo.

The importance of HERITAGE Protection in Cairo is undisputable. But how do we Protect Heritage? This question is widely debated. 

What role does the Vernacular play in this? To enrich the debate, we are delighted that Professor Ahmad Hamid, author of “The Birth of a New Modern – Hassan Fathy and Continuity in Islamic Arts and Architecture” presented his thoughts on this important matter to the students currently working on their bachelor project in the historic Darb Al-Labana area of Islamic Cairo.

The event was organized by Prof. Ruairí O’Brien, who originally planned the event for his Bachelor students on building Contemporary Architecture in Historic Environments, proved to be so successful that it was visited by many other students from other bachelor courses.