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Visual Design Course

In Academic, Monday, May 02, 2016

The course questions our experience and perception of the visual world. It focuses on searching for meanings in order to develop a deeper understanding of the surrounding context. By grasping those meanings, students will be able to examine their perception and to recognize by themselves what are the most pertinent tools and media that would express their ideas as well as serve their explorations. The overall theme of the course is contextual re-establishment. It aims at stimulating the students’ observational and analytical skills making them explore and extract from their context. They are further encouraged to study and redefine the relationship between people, objects and places and how those different layers work together forming a context. Throughout the semester, students work on different projects where they are allowed to explore different approaches to how they can look at things with other perspectives, hence start reconstructing their own perceptions of the surroundings. 

Involved Academics:

Prof. Erwin Herzberger


Mostafa Youssef

Ines Schroeder

Teaching Assistants:

Heba Ezzat

Kareem Anwar

Lamiaa AbdelAziz

Marco Michel

Mohamed Ezzat

Nada Adel

Nermin Essam

Yomna Elgindy