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Advanced Theory of Archietcture & Urban Design

In Academic, Monday, April 04, 2016

The course aimed at:

(1) Introducing key topics for contemporary development of urban areas.

(2) Reading and understanding urban realities through systemic approaches.

(3) Understanding contemporary urban life as complex and multidisciplinary realities, claiming for thematic and strategic approaches more than a global vision based on design.

Learning outcomes:

(1) Approaching contemporary urban concepts, visions and theories, developing skills to establishing links between theory and practice.

(2) learning to deal with theoretical approximations as conceptual design tools.

Scales & Topics:

The course is structured in different modules that approach the city on different scales:

Geography & Nature (L)

Mobility & Density (L)

Culture & Identity(M)

Public & Void (S)


Beyond the theoretical approach, the different modules unfold linked to four type of exercises; Urban mapping (Context, geography and nature), Movie (mobility and density), Creation of a blog (Transversal exercise), and class exercises based on discussions on readings and thematic short exercises.

Involved Academics:

Prof. Dr. Rita Pinto de Freitas

Heba Ezzat

Rehab Ayman