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Retrofitting the urban sprawl-Towards new communities 5th settlement/New Cairo

In Academic, Thursday, March 03, 2016

Urban sprawl is a pattern of growth which characterized by an abundance of congested highways, low density, separation of uses, inefficient public transportation system and car dependency. Sprawl causes environmental degradation, lack of diversity, spatial and social complexities and difficulties. In this context, the course starts with readings and understanding to introduce diverse opinions and researches from wide range of disciplines of the new community’s evolution and their drawbacks, the sprawled urban pattern and the remedial techniques to be curbed in the urban environment. Then, gives insight into both the theoretical debate and practical challenges to retrofit the urban sprawl by applying urban development strategies and tactics based on understanding the correlation between the spatial structure and socio-economic processes.

The students are asked to obtain efficient methodology of observation, analysis, conceptualizing and mapping of different urban typologies in 5th settlement /new Cairo based on certain urban indicators and attributes for resilience, connectivity, diversity, intensity, proximity, and decoding the urban complexities in the community scale. Finally to reach urban strategies and to think consciously and critically of how we could make the urban transformation in the physical built environment to reach identifiable urban interventions.

Involved Academics:

Prof.Dr. Tamer El-Khorazaty


Menna Tawfik

Teaching Assistant:

Salma Belal