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Cairo New Capital Tower

In Academic, Thursday, March 03, 2016

The towers design studio aimed at introducing the architecture students to high-rise buildings as a special building typology which can accommodate the futuristic population, information, and technology explosions.

The course was a laboratory for the interpretation, reinterpretation, invention, and testing of a metropolitan vertical extension and its architecture.

It is required to create an office tower in Cairo New Capital, as an element of a new master plan for the capital. Office tower, multiple companies, offices, galleries, restaurants, retail…etc. A symbol of the new era. The tower demonstrates a free plan, a clear structural system/ skeleton and transparency. The tower reflects new construction technologies and utilizes renewable energies.

The first stage was the concept where the students experimented on different forms and their spatial qualities, followed by test trails on how to stabilize their forms through a selected structural system, and the last stage was the envelop and landscape design. The studio focused on the physical model as an architectural educational tool to represent the form and function of the student’s projects.

Involved Academics:

Prof. Dr. Tamer El Khorazaty

MSc. Arch. Ibrahim Saleh

MSc. Arch. Aliaa Maged

MSc. Arch. Menna Tawfik

BSc. Arch. Marco Michel