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Architecture Drawing Course

In Academic, Friday, January 01, 2016

Architectural drawing course aims to teach students the principles and conventions of the architecture drawings, and focusing in developing the skills of student’s imagination by using pen and pencil, emphasizing the importance of the architectural representations and teaching the students how to draw efficiently and accurately according to different scales. Architecture assignments are introduced to students for how to draw the parallel projections types; floor plans, sections, elevations for villa project. Then, Weissenhofsiedlung Stuttgart buildings were distributed among the students as final project to practice and understand the spatial aesthetics and quality of modern architecture style buildings and how to document and draw these buildings with different architectural representation techniques.  

Semester No.: 1st semester


Prof.Dr.Tamer Elkhorazaty

Menna Tawfik

Teaching Assistant:

Ahmed Nasr

Aliaa Maged

Marco Micheal

Mina IshacMona Abdel-Aziz

Mohamed Abdedo

Salma Belal

Shaza Alba

Yomna El-Gindy