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2016: Italy Summer Excursion with Martin Shelhof

In Academic, Monday, July 11, 2016

Italy summer excursion took place the summer of 2016 for 4rth semester students under course History III supervised by Msc. Martin Shelhof, Dip-Ing Chrsitoph Muth, B.Sc. Heba Ezzat, B.Sc. Karim Ezzat, B.Sc. Rehab Ayman

The excursion took place from 11/7/2016 to 21/7/2016

During the stay in Italy the students had daily urban walks to explore the city and it’s huge number of historic sites. During the walks each student refered on site about one project he/she selected to research on. It was a good opportunity to get exposed to international museums and exhibitions and to learn more about Architecure.