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Politics of Form at Architecture Biennale Venice 2016

In Academic, Saturday, May 28, 2016

GUC architecture and urban design students exhibited  their analytical reflections and narrative mappings in the Egyptian Pavilion curated by ‘RBIC Reframing Back / Imperative Confrontations’ at this year’s architecture biennale in Venice

REFRAMING BACK / IMPERATIVE CONFRONTATIONS is “trying to explore various stories of architecture narrating the difficulties and challenges inside the Egyptian built environment. Going beyond the question of What is the story about? to How was the story written?”

(RBIC) The exhibited scenarios and mappings of ‘Politics of Form’ are related to the story of the Petrified Forest area in New Cairo as we perceive it. The current state of the protectorate is more than critical, the landscape in a devastated condition: truckloads of garbage and construction waste on the one side, land exploitation, excavations for sand and stone mining on the other.

‘Politics of Form’ intends to reflect on urban, socio-cultural and environmental issues:

We want to open the discourse on land use and control, property and ownership, the identity of a place and the respect for nature. We are questioning the notion of public space, landscape and urban space. We want to develop a critical position to the present-day situation and conclude from this a reasonable action. We also want to overcome the ‘nothing-to-do-with-me’ attitude and any kind of escapism to start the process of critical thinking in architecture and urban planning.

Spring 2016, 9th and 10th semesters


RBIC Reframing Back / Imperative Confrontations

Egyptian Pavilion

Involved Academics:

Assoc. Prof. Vlatka Seremet

Christoph Muth

Heba Ezzat

Karim Ezzat

Rehab Abdel-Fatah