Dr. Ines Consuela Schroeder

Visual Design & Presentation Department
Email: Ines.schroeder@guc.edu.eg

Ines Essen is a Lecturer for Visual Design and Modeling in the Architecture and Urban Design Program at the German University in Cairo since 2014. She studied Architecture and Urban Design with the focus on visual design at the University of Stuttgart, where she submitted her PhD in June 2020. At GUC, she is teaching Descriptive Geometry, Model Making and Elective Courses. read more


Before joining GUC, Ines Essen has been an Instructor at the Institute for the Foundations of Planning at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Stuttgart and the Institute for Illustration and Design, University of Stuttgart. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Erwin Herzberger she currently submitted her PhD at the Institute for Illustration and Design, University of Stuttgart. Her PhD project is bridging the fields of architecture, art and dance and focuses on choreography of space and spatial cognition.
Under the umbrella of “Space and Body” Ines Essen is concerned with the furthering of knowledge, insights and skills concerning Composition and Perception in the domains of Architecture. Within her research field she discusses the implementation of Art and Dance in architectural design processes. The emphasis of her research field relies upon the exploration, visualization and explication of elementary formal phenomena in the context of the disciplines of Architecture, Art and Dance, making active use of physical modeling applications. She is mainly interested in the spatial relation between Body and Space, Conception of Space, Spatial Arts, Form, Shape and Modeling, Modeling and Visualization, Art, Dance and Architecture.

Dr. Federico Garrido

Visual Design & Presentation Department
Email: Federico.garrido@guc.edu.eg

Federico Garrido studied Architecture and completed a Postgraduate Master at FADU UBA in Argentina. He collaborated in different chairs of Architecture Research, Theory and Criticism at the FADU both in undergraduate and graduate areas. read more


Thanks to a DAAD scholarship, he received a PhD summa cum laude at the Kaiserlautern Technical University, investigating the uses of digital design and fabrication technologies to produce innovative architecture from the study of eclectic projects from Argentina and 19th century Europe. Since 2014 collaborates with Rokokorelevanz, an international research group that investigates the possibilities of updating design strategies and historical manufacturing technologies using digital tools.

At the GUC, he teaches CAD courses and subjects related to digital design methodologies and rapid prototyping technologies. He currently develops his research and teaching activities in Germany and Egypt, in relation to design strategies, digital manufacturing and robotics.

Selected Publications:

  • GARRIDO F, MEYER J. (2019) "Dexterity-controlled design procedures" in Research Culture in Architecture - Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration. Eds. C Leopold, C Robeller, U Weber. Birkhauser. ISBN 978-3-03562023-8
  • GARRIDO F (2017). ´Propuesta Pedagogica para el Taller Proyectual 1´ on SARQUIS ´Experiencias Pedagogicas Creativas 3´ Buenos Aires, Ed. Diseño.ISBN 978-987-4160-14-0
  • GARRIDO F (2016). Central floorplans and digital strategies‘ in ‚Archiving and Questioning immateriality. Proceedings of the 5th Computer Art Congress [CAC.5]‘ . Europia, Paris. ISBN 979-10-90094-23-9
  • GARRIDO, F (2015). SAEZ, D ´Digital, material, digital´ on SARQUIS ´Experiencias Pedagógicas Creativas 2´ Buenos Aires, Ed. Diseño. ISBN: 9789874160157
  • GARRIDO F (2013). ‘Digital Material Digital‘ in ‚(re)thinking formation. Si+Nos – 17th  Research conference FADU y IX Regional meeting‘ Buenos Aires. ISBN: 978-950-29-1500-5.

Dr. Maria Panta

Visual Design & Presentation Department
Email: Maria.panta@guc.edu.eg

Maria Panta joined GUC last September 2020. She completed her PhD research degree titled, ‘Approaches to the resilience and the potential for adaptation through community-driven construction projects in the global South’, at Canterbury School of Architecture in 2018 (funded by the University for the Creative Arts, UK).  read more


She undertook her primary research in rural Ghana building a school canteen as part of a local community-driven organization. She has taught at two different universities in Cyprus since her PhD completion.
Since 2017 Maria has collaborating with an British NGO in Cyprus as the Project Coordinator, Trainer & Teacher on Adobe brick-making and building, funded by ERASMUS + within the framework of ‘EU GREEN VILLAGE – SUSTAINABLE BUILDING – CONTEMPORARY APPLICATIONS OF ADOBE BRICK’. She teaches EU students and teachers on Erasmus + program about Sustainability, Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage. The aim is to promote the local craft of earth building, specifically the locally produced adobe brick, as one of the pathways towards sustainability and the empowerment of rural communities in Cyprus.
In 2011 Maria joined Reset Development, a London-based charity, on a two-year research based project titled the ‘Affordable Low-Carbon and Cyclone resilient Housing in South West Bangladesh’, funded by the Department for International Development (DfID-UK). 
She became an associate of Women’s Design Service (WDS) in 2010 and got involved in community-led design projects for sustainable neighbourhoods in London using participatory planning consultations in order to influence planning in the boroughs, and a WDS Lottery-funded project aimed at improving public toilet provision. 
She undertook her RIBA Part II at London South Bank University with the research-based thesis titled ‘Seven City Farms in London’, discussing sustainability and community-based adaptation in London. 

Dr. Shaimaa Fayed

Building Technology Department
Email: Shaimaa.fayed@guc.edu.eg

Shaimaa Fayed is a Lecturer & researcher at Building Technology department, Architecture & Urban design Program at German University in Cairo. She teaches undergraduate Sustainability and Digital Design Studios & Environmental Systems in Architecture.  read more


She joined the GUC since winter 2013, with fifteen years of an experience in the academics and teaching field at the building technology department. She gained the expertise required for the teaching activities as well as research and administration experience. She first received her BSc in Architecture from Faculty of engineering, Ain Shams University, then obtained her master degree in environmental design and planning program, Architecture department, Cairo University in 2011. She held her PhD in Environmental Design and Planning program, Architecture department, Cairo University in 2018, focusing on implementation of innovative strategies to enhance natural ventilation in buildings. 
Her conviction is congruent with the importance of research to improve our environment through expansion of sustainable & creative strategies based on learn and research.  She is an architectural researcher seeks to expand her professional life in the academic and broaden her research prospects focusing on the relationship between built environment and nature to improve building performance with a focus on environmental values.
She has participated in several workshop, seminars, conference and guest lecture in several Institute and Universities as Cairo University, Arab Academy for Science & Technology and RECREE.

Selected Publications:

  • Fayed, S. R., Afify, M. M. & Mahmoud, A. H. A. (2019). “Inspiration for the Morphology of the South-Oriented Double-Skin Façade to Enhance Air Movement in Office Buildings of Cairo”, BScairo, IBPSA, Cairo, Egypt
  • Fayed, S. R., Afify, M. M. & Mahmoud, A. H. A. (2017). “Analysis of non-uniform cavity configuration of the double façade on heat stratification”, SDBE, London, UK