Dr. Ayham Dalal

Architecture & Urban Design Department
Email: Ayham.dalal@guc.edu.eg

Dr. Ayham Dalal is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Architecture and Urban Design Program. He is a specialist in the field of forced migration, urban planning and architecture. He has a PhD from TU Berlin with distinction, curated two exhibitions and directed an award-winning film on migration and architecture. He is the author of the book “From Shelters to Dwellings: The Zaatari Refugee Camp” (Transcript Verlag, 2022). read more


Before joining GUC in February 2023, Ayham was a postdoctoral researcher at the CNRS; he worked at the Collaborative Research Centre “Re-Figurations of Space” at TU Berlin; and was a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford. In addition to consultancy work, he taught at different universities in Germany, Oman and the USA.

In his research, Ayham focuses on urban space, informality, resilience, culture, power dynamics, and identity politics. In particular, he is interested in the socio-spatial practices and transformations of space and how they can be mapped and visualized through mixed media and illustration techniques. His research is driven by strong interest in ethnography, anthropology, cultural studies and urbanization theories and how they can be linked to architectural design and contemporary urban practices. In his book “From Shelters to Dwellings” he looks at the intersections between the production of space, home, identity and the refugee camp. From the macro to the micro, he utilizes ethnographic observations, co-mappings, narratives, 3D modeling and detailed architectural drawings to explain processes ranging from camp planning to spatial transformation, social grouping, and the representations of identity, homemaking and the social coding of space.

In Cairo, Ayham’s research focuses on the impact of different global crises on the built environment and how they engender new forms of top-down strategies and bottom-up practices and tactics, with special focus on displacement, housing, neoliberalization, and the right to the city.

Selected Publications:

  • Dalal, A. (2022). From Shelters to Dwellings: The Zaatari Refugee Camp. Transcript Verlag. https://www.transcript-verlag.de/978-3-8376-5838-5/from-shelters-to-dwellings/
  • Dalal, A. (2021). Why ‘now’ is an important moment in history: Coronavirus and the refigured mobility of the world. Town Planning Review, 92(1), 97–106. https://doi.org/10.3828/tpr.2020.76.
  • Dalal, A., Heber, P., & Palomino, L. (2021). Between Securitization, Appropriation, and the Right to Dwell: A Multiscalar Analysis of Azraq Camp. In S. Seethaler-Wari, S. Chitchian, & M. Momic (Eds.), Inhabiting Displacement: Architecture and Authorship (pp. 75–90). Birkhäuser.
  • Dalal, A. (2020). The refugee camp as urban housing. Housing Studies, 1–23. https://doi.org/10.1080/02673037.2020.1782850.
  • Dalal, A., Darweesh, A., Misselwitz, P., & Steigemann, A. (2018). Planning the Ideal Refugee Camp? A Critical Interrogation of Recent Planning Innovations in Jordan and Germany. Urban Planning, 3(4), 64–78.

Dr. Husam R. Husain

Architecture & Urban Design Department
Email: Husam.husain@guc.edu.eg

Dr. Husam R. Husain is a Lecturer in the Architecture and Urban Design Program at the GUC since 2018. He is a Jordanian architect and planner with a Ph.D. in Architecture and Planning from the American University in Cyprus. He is specialized in Mediterranean Studies, Coastal Territories, Urban Transformation and Revitalization, and Housing Strategies. He worked and collaborated with a variety of offices and institutions between Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey, and Egypt. read more


Husam is currently an invited consultant and director of engineering studies and research at the REC, Jordan, and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Mediterranean Cities. His academic activities began at the American University in Cyprus before he moved to Cairo in 2018. These activities were developed in parallel with the initiatives of organizing several conferences, seminars, workshops, internships, supervising MA and PhD dissertations, and research activities in different countries and in cooperation with several institutions. Husam is an editorial member of several journals, and currently directs a not-for-profit Urban Research Laboratory, which aims at expanding the regional network and provide a refreshing perspective on urban related matters through several discourses with a particular focus on urban transformation in the Mediterranean Basin: Africa, Asia, Europe, and global geo-economic contexts.

Selected Publications:

  • Husain, H. (2022). Heritage and the City: Values and Beyond. Cinius Yayınları. ISBN: 978-605-71006-4-1
  • Husam R. Husain, Hassina Nafa (2020). Socio-economic and Geo-political Transitions in the Mediterranean Basinand Its Impact on Urban Forms of Port Cities. Civil Engineering and Architecture, 8(5), 898 - 907. DOI:10.13189/cea.2020.080517.

Dr. Ibrahim Samy Sayed Saleh

Visual Design & Presentation Department
Email: Ibrahim.saleh@guc.edu.eg

Dr. Saleh is currently working as a Lecturer in the Architecture and Urban Design Program at The German University in Cairo, Egypt. His research interests include participatory based urban planning & architecture, community-based projects, generative design tools, design-build strategies, and educational buildings architectural upgrade approaches. read more


During Dr. Saleh obtained his Ph.D. in Architectural Engineering & Theories of Design from Ain Shams University – Egypt in 2021 titled: “A Framework for School Design Based on Participatory Approaches”, obtained his Master of Sciences in Architectural Engineering & Environmental Design from Cairo University – Egypt in 2015 titled: “School Design through Participation with Reference to Children in Primary Education”, and obtained his B.Sc. in Architecture from Cairo University – Egypt in 2010.

His Research fields Include: Participatory Urban Planning - Urban Design - Architectural Design Approaches, Generative design tools, and Optimization strategies.

Selected Publications:

  • Saleh, I. (2021). HIGH-RISE TOWERS AND THEIR RELATION TO CONTEXT-SENSITIVE DESIGN ELEMENTS IN ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION. A+ Arch Design International Journal of Architecture and Design - ISSN 2149-5904.
  • Saleh, I. (2021). DESIGN-BUILD APPROACHES WITH BUILDING'S USERS IN LOCAL SCHOOL CASE STUDY IN CAIRO, EGYPT. Civil Engineering and Architecture Journal, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 828 - 835, 2021. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2021.090324.

Dr. Shaimaa Fayed

Building Technology Department
Email: Shaimaa.fayed@guc.edu.eg

Shaimaa Fayed is a Lecturer & researcher at Building Technology department; Architecture & Urban design Program at German University in Cairo, she joined GUC since 2013. She teaches undergraduate Design Studios, Environmental control, Sustainable design courses, in addition to research and administration experience. She held her PhD in Environmental Design and Planning program, Architecture department, Cairo University in 2018, focusing on implementation of innovative strategies to enhance natural ventilation in buildings.  read more


Dr. Fayed research focus on passive strategy methods for contemporary buildings to improve the thermal performance. She tends to apply transdisciplinary approaches in her research work integrating digital simulation tools within the design process to address key aspects of building performance in order to enhance design development. As a researcher, she has participated in several workshop, seminars, conference and guest lecture in several Institute and Universities.

Her conviction is congruent with the importance of research to improve our environment through expansion of sustainable & creative strategies based on research and development.  She seeks to expand her professional life in the academic and broaden her research prospects focusing on the relationship between built environment and nature to improve building performance with a focus on environmental values.

Selected Publications:

  • Fayed, S. R., Afify, M. M. & Mahmoud, A. H. A. (2019). “Inspiration for the Morphology of the South-Oriented Double-Skin Façade to Enhance Air Movement in Office Buildings of Cairo”, BScairo, IBPSA, Cairo, Egypt
  • Fayed, S. R., Afify, M. M. & Mahmoud, A. H. A. (2017). “Analysis of non-uniform cavity configuration of the double façade on heat stratification”, SDBE, London, UK

Dr. Walid Moh. Reda Elshamy

Visual Design & Presentation Department
Email: Walid.elshamy@guc.edu.eg

Walid ElShamy is a lecturer in Visual design and presentation department at German University in Cairo. He received his PhD (2019) from GUC about Business model for new cities and Masters (2011) from Ain Shams University about evaluation of airports in Egypt. He is interested Computer Aided Design application in addition to advanced Technical system with respect to architectural spaces. In addition to project and construction management for Architectural projects. read more


He Joined GUC since 2013 with an experience in the academics and teaching field at different universities, in addition to professional architect who won several prizes along his career besides his professional practice projects in different countries. He graduated from architecture department at Ain Shams University in a dual graduation project between Ain Shams University in Egypt and Clemson University in USA. He participated in several workshop, seminars, conference and guest lecture in several Institute and Universities as Ain Shams University, BUE and Arab Academy for Science & Technology.

He is interested in CADCAM systems in addition to latest technology related to architecture spaces, such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed reality, and smart systems. He is interested in construction and building technology systems, construction management techniques, and its impact upon the architectural profession.

Selected Publications:

  • Shamy, W, Meselhy, M., October 2014, “Development for sustainable construction system (rapid walls) in Egypt using nanotechnology”, published in World Sustainable Building 2014, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Shamy, W, Refaat, M., Farouk, A., November 2013, “Evaluation of BOT Airports in Egypt ". Paper Presented in 1ST International Civil Aviation Symposium (ICAS) titled “Investigating Regional Opportunity, Global Sustainability and Innovation in the Civil Aviation Sector”, German University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Shamy, W., Meselhy, M., Farouk, A., November 2013: "Evaluation of Marsa Alam BOT Airport in Egypt". A paper published in SB13 Cairo, Sustainable Building Conference, Democratic transition and sustainable communities- Fairmont – Egypt.
  • Shamy, W.,August 2010: "Futuristic view for Build Operate Transfer (BOT) projects in Egypt". Paper published in 2nd International Conference for Construction in Developing Countries- Fairmont – Egypt.