Visual Design and Presentation

Visual Design and Presentation is a process of perceiving, recognizing, designing, and forming under artistic points of view: “The School of Seeing”. This includes the immediate environment, the city and the landscape. Objects, people, and all details of the urban sphere are studied through detailed observation and an artistic way of seeing. The dimensions of intuition and perception are emphasized in the visual representations of space, architecture, and our environment. We learn to represent the visual impressions and express ourselves individually.

We also learn to analyze, to reflect on what is seen and to deal with different contents. In all department subjects we begin with basic techniques and various media of visual representation, including freehand drawing, sketching, collage-making and modeling. These traditional skills are then further complemented and strengthened by computeraided design, as well as advanced parametric and responsive design tools. Through a creative process and teamwork, we transfer our products to a spatial context in order to develop a different notion of the places where we live, while simultaneously exploring and learning the different means of representation. In the department of Visual Design, we intend to foster a gradual awareness of individual and artistic abilities which we consider as crucial in the development of architectural design, and as a base for a “spatial thinking”.