Building Technology

Since architecture is an integrative “science”, including design, construction technology, material use, building physics and environmental interaction the teaching concept must to be integrative as well. The integration of various subjects and shared concerns is a key feature of our educational approach: the students need to understand the relations between materiality, building physics physics, indoor climate, construction, and design. They learn how details in construction or the choice of materials mold the character and gestalt of a building, and vice versa, Whereas once the design process was largely shaped by the traditions of the craftsman, today this aspect is usually of subordinate importance. Modern methodologies of visualisation now facilitate the production of architectural designs in a surprisingly sophisticated quality, however, they often fail in their execution, and the designs do not deliver the potential that they seemed to hold in the beginning. The flaws in the realisation of such projects demonstrate that not only creative designing abilities but also a thorough technical knowledge are of vital importance to the success of architectural production. Therefore, we believe that it is our task at the GUC to teach our students in-depth knowledge in the technical areas of architecture. The intersection between construction and design issues is central to our curriculum