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Townhouse East - Design Studio IV

In Academic, Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The concept should reflect the social aspects of ‘Dwelling, Living and Being’ considering the needs and character of the clients (designer, lawyer, organic food producer, yoga instructor, book publisher or musician) and understanding the social role of architecture.

The context part should investigate on the potentials of ‘The Lost Structures of New Cairo’ working with contextual parameters, dealing with urban constraints and contradictions - by either choosing an empty plot, an existing foundation or ground floor structure, or dealing with an entire concrete structure.

The content was about exploring the field of ‘Spatial Dichotomies and Transitions’, designing the architecture in terms of spatial qualities and views, proportion and ratio, material and light, etc. Students were asked to deal with spatial complexities as well as with contradictions understanding the relation between human action and spatial structures.

As a methodology in this course we encouraged the students to try out a poetic and narrative approach - still dealing with the constraints and given facts; or to design in a programmatic and functional way - nevertheless endeavored to sophisticated design. But in any case we want to support students to find their own individual language, a unique expression and an ambitious architectural form.

Involved Academics

Assoc. Prof. Vlatka Seremet
Mostafa Youssef
Heba Ezzat
Karim Ezzat