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Third Skin- Stuttgart

In Academic, Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The objective of the workshop was to deal cre­atively with issues important in architecture nowadays.  This does not only concern construction and building materials but it is also a question of energy consumption, climate adaption, and comfort. Concepts and solutions during the workshop were developed in an experimental way using different available design tools and self-experiences through building snow houses.

Emphasis was given to sustainable construction and to the intel­ligent application of renewable energy in architecture. Lectures related to the workshop topic were delievered as well as  excursions to interesting archi­tectural sights were accompanied by the workshop program.

The workshop was conducted and tutored by professors and col­leagues from the University of Stuttgart, Institute for Building Tech­nology and Design | IBBTE in collaboration with

Associate Professor Thomas Löffler, German University of Cairo | GUC.

Teaching Assistants
M.Sc. Ahmed Elbably
M.Sc. Hazem Fouad
M.Sc. Salah Fahmy
M.Sc. May ElMeligy
M.Sc. Yasmina Taha

Winter School 2013