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DAADSC: DSA13- Stuttgart

In Academic, Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The summer course has been organized by the German University in Cairo in collaboration with the state Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart/ Kunstakademie ) within the framework of DAAD Specialization Courses.

Students from both the GUC and the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart were invited to apply. The course was part of Design Studios lll and V for the GUC students: a quick project (shirt and targeted) in the inner city of Stuttgart. The whole duration was three weeks (from 13.08.2013 to 02.09.2013): two weeks for the project and one week for leisure activities.

10 students were selected for the course: 5 from the 4th semester and 5 from the 6th (academic year 2012/2013).

The students were asked to work in groups or individual to design a Hotel in the inner city of Stuttgart next to Stuttgart’s main train station; the selected location is part of Stuttgart 21 development project.

The students practised  different  teamwork activities and showed their ability to adapt to the other cultures which they projected in their work. This booklet is a display of the process and of the work the participant  produced throughout the summer course. It shows a various number of successful projects.

Prof. Dr. Tamer El-Khorazaty

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart Kunstakademie in Stuttgart

Prof. Andreas Quednau

ORBS – öffentliche Räume und Bauten, Städtebau, Klasse Entwerfen Architektur.

Dr.Rowaida Rashid
Dipl.Ing. Kai Beck
B.Sc. Arch. Ibrahim Samy

GUC 5th Semester Students :
Ahmed Morsi
Hana Hossam
Magui Nakhla
Rowaa Ibrahim
Yasmin Mardini

GUC 7th Semester Students :
Hadeer Amin
Heba Ezzat
Karim Ezzat
Omar Abdel-meged
Omar Kassab