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In Academic, Thursday, June 04, 2015

Affordable and Adjustable Living and Mobility for Integrated Urban Systems in Egypt

Sustainable development is constantly being challenged by rapid unplanned and uncontrolled informal developments. While these are the people’s interventions to fulfill their basic needs; they however, bear serious social, economic, and environmental implications and challenges. Currently, two thirds of Greater Cairo’s 20 million inhabitants live in informal areas. This figure is expected to dramatically increase, exacerbating the already complex situation, if no real integral measures and solutions are implemented. This research challenges the regular means of addressing informal developments - since these have proven unsuccessful over the years. The research argues that the socioeconomic triad of home, work, and mobility should be intertwined to create a nucleus for an integrated urban solution supported by a technology platform. This is anticipated to allow for coordinated developments to take place, and hence, the self-evolutionary and autonomous upgrading of informal settlements.

A2L MOBILIUS is a German Egyptian Research Fund (GERF) project, jointly funded by the Science and Technology Development Fund Egypt (STDF) and Bundesministrium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) Germany.

Egyptian Team:

Architecture and Urban Design

German University in Cairo (GUC), Egypt

Asst. Prof Dr. Wafaa Nadim
Principle Investigator

Arch. Eng. Hadeer Adel
Arch. Eng. Maha Atef

German Team:

Advanced Construction and Building Technology

– Automation, Robotics, Services

Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany

Prof.Dr.Ing.Thomas Bock Principle Investigator

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner