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Context Cairo- Stuttgart (D)

In Academic, Monday, October 13, 2014

After four years of founding the Architecture and Urban Design Program in the German University in Cairo, a critical and sentimental pause and a look back was due. The sum of the work was exhibited in the exhibition took place at »WECHSELRAUM« an architectural exhibition space in the heart of Stuttgart. The backdrop for most of the projects is Cairo, a rapidly developing metropolis of some 20 million inhabitants, where things are not always easy, but always thrilling. Attended by much of the academics and students within the area, the event outlined the ultimate result of a journey of corporation between the University of Stuttgart and the German University in Cairo. The exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Ashraf Mansour, founder of the University, and attended by a group from the Egyptian media.


Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA (Association of German Architects)

German University in Cairo

Prof. Dr. Tamer Khorazty

Dean of Architecture and Urban Design

Assoc. Prof. Thomas Löffler

Head Building Technology Department


Ibrahim Hany

Omar Kassab

Rowaa Ibrahim


Prof. Peter Schürmann, BDA Landesvorsitzender