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Descriptive Geometry Course

In Academic, Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Geometric Patterns and Kites

The course is giving an introduction to descriptive geometry, handling orthographic projections and

pictorial drawings, sectional views, auxiliary views and conventions; topics include: points and lines in space; line characteristics, planes, plane relationships and intersection of planes..

The aim of the course is to teach the most important principles of descriptive geometry, in order to enable the students to apply them in their architectural drawings.

During the course, students are taught and practice methods of constructing oblique views, various kinds of isometrics and axonometrics, principles of shade and shadow construction as well as one- and two-point perspectives, in order to represent spatial objects.

One big topic of the first part of the semester was geometric patterns. In the first step students learnt to analyze geometric shapes, forms and figures. In the second step they were asked to create their own geometric pattern by using the principles they practiced before. This assignment was extended in a second exercise were the students applied colors. They were asked to find an adequate color interpretation for a given geometric pattern. The character of the pattern should be emphasized through the color interpretation.

During the last 3 weeks of the semester the students worked on a final project: a kite. They developed a flying geometrical structure by using the knowledge they gained throughout the semester. Letting the kites fly was a wonderful end of semester event.

Involved Academics:

Ines Schroeder

Teaching Assistance:

Ahmed Hashish

Ahmed Nasr

Kareem Anwar

Marco Michel

Merna Hany

Mona Abdel Aziz

Sara Kessba

Shaza Ayman

Yomna Elgindy