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3D Model Making Course

In Academic, Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Transformation and Deformation

A main topic in architecture is the relation between object and space, which is determined by spatial and sculptural dimensions.

The practical course introduces spatial and sculptural aspects in architecture. Besides the development of architectural model-making, the students create their own spatial ideas, concepts and designs.

The focus of the course is lying on a series of material and process exercises as well as on the realization of architectural models which are based on conceptual architectural ideas. Several topics and skills are discussed throughout the semester, as transformation process, addition and subtraction, impression and expression, body and space, sculptural form, surface, weight, materiality, and light and shadow.

The semester topic was called “Transformation and Deformation”, which was discussed as different architectural design methods. In several steps students were asked to transform and deform different shapes and materials. The outcomes of these processes were cardboard reliefs (transformation of a flat surface into a spatial quality) or gypsum objects (deformation of given forms, e.g. bottles, cans or plastic bags), brought into deformed shapes.

For the final project the students were working on the topic “Transformation - Body and Space”. They were asked to create a 1:1 cardboard shelter out of six cardboard pieces without using any additional materials. The intention of this project was to experience a space with the body in scale 1:1 - and to make a proposal for a simple architectural space, which protects the user from weather, provides privacy, and gives the feeling of being protected.

Involved Academics:

Ines Schroeder

Ahmed Hashish

Kareem Anwar

Lamiaa Abdel Aziz

Merna Hany

Mohamed Abedo

Mona Abdel Aziz

Shaimaa Fayed

Shaza Ayman