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In Academic, Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What do DJ Sadat, Dina el Wedidi and Hakim aka „The Lion“ have in common?

They all serve as fictional hosts to our the 4th Semester design studio. Because alternative music is always in need for more infrastructure!

In their second design studio students looked into the emerging music genres of Cairo and their young protagonists. They designed innovative Culture Hubs, serving as a social meeting point and professional work environment for performances, sound recordings, video cutting, dance classes etc.

The specific program is tailored around the chosen host and the specific site of the hub: The Sudan Street in Mohandessin. For reasons of economical sustainability the culture hubs feature additional functions during daytime …

Involved Academics:

Assoc. Prof Urs Walter

Mona Mohamed

Salma Belal

Sara Samy

Shaza Elba

Yasmina Serhan