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Envisioning the New Egyptian Capital- Design Studio VI

In Academic, Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Students of the 9th semester developed a proposal for the first phase of the New Administrative Capital. They worked on this project through a series of collaborative exercises that started with the development of a master plan for an 8 km2 area. Then they were then divided into seven groups, each working in more details on one part of the master plan. The proposed master plan is composed of seven districts: 1) The Business District that includes high rise commercial and mixed use towers. 2) The Design District that mainly hosts design related businesses and educational institutes. 3) The Cultural District that includes an opera house, museums, exhibitions and ateliers. 4) The Science District that hosts a series of research and medical facilities. 5) The Sports District that includes a stadium and multiple sport complexes. 6) The Startups District that provides a variety of spaces and facilities for young entrepreneurs. 7) The Residential and Hospitality District that includes hotels, shopping mall, and a variety of residential developments. These districts are tied together by a linear urban university that complements the activities in each area. There are also connected by a linear park that extends along all the districts. Each student has selected a parcel in one of these districts in order to develop an architectural proposal. Projects varied from residential mixed use, business towers, university buildings, commercial areas, medical facilities, cultural spaces, and sports complexes.

Involved Academics:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Hussam Salama

Ahmed Bably

Moataz Samir

Salma Belal