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In Academic, Thursday, February 05, 2015

The aim of a Designbuild Studio as an innovative teaching format is to take students through the realities of a design process, client relations, and construction management. Students produce an architectural solution for a community in need, while experiencing the complex realm of architectural practice. In three months Egyptian and international students jointly designed a small-scale architectural project with the participation of the local community and a local NGO. For the following two months the students were involved in the implementation of the project. ‘Malaab El Kobri’ a football field and a community plattform on Dahab Island, Cairo is located beneath the Ringroad Bridge to provide shade and to avoid building on scarce agriculturalland. Due to the vicinity of the Nile, it is realized as a light-weight table construction. The spatial program was developed in close exchange with the islanders and the authorities and serves as a pilot project for further more urgently needed developments on the island. It is therefore developed as an add-on project. As part of the Nile Islands Initiative, the project was realized under the supervision of the interdisciplinary  GUC / baladilab team with the support of international architects and craftsmen and the community.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cornelia Redeker

Carla Schwarz

Ibrahim Samy

Leonie Weber