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Steel Bridges Architecture and Hydraulics

In Academic, Wednesday, June 01, 2016

While Architecture as well as relevant disciplines’ education, in general, satisfy all necessary technical and practical skills; one of the major challenges facing graduates is the lack of interdisciplinary teamwork skills.

A one-day workshop was organised to give Architecture and Urban Design Semester IV - Building Technology III students and Semester VI Civil Hydraulics students the opportunity to collaborate and experience the challenges and yet the benefits of collaboration to achieve their common targets.

One team from Architecture and one team from Hydraulics selected a steel bridge from a list of famous international steel bridges. The Architecture students were required to adapt the selected bridge to a given location. The shape and dimensions of abutments were coordinated with Hydraulics.

After the bridges and abutments were finished, these were taken to the Hydraulics lab to test and measure the different abutments scour which is the hydraulic erosion of the waterway soil boundary around the abutment.

The aim of the workshop was to appreciate that a project’s success is all disciplines’ success.

In other words, it is not about ‘me’ rather it is about ‘us’ if we want to succeed as a team.

Involved Academics:

Assistant Prof. Wafaa Nadim

Ahmed Hegazy

Hadeer Adel

Maha Atef

Mina Ishac

Sara Samy

JTA Habiba Youssef